Panasonic SD-254 Bread Maker

Using the bread maker couldn’t be simpler as I have just found out. It comes with simple easy to follow instructions and has a recipe book so that you can make more than one type of bread. In our house we tend to stick to making white bread or a fruit loaf but you can make wholemeal, rye and wholegrain loaves too.

The maker itself has a tin that can be lifted out for ease of adding the ingredients. You simply add all the dry ingredients before adding any liquids.

The Maker has different time settings depending on if you want a loaf in a hurry or not. The rapid loaf will be ready in just under 2 hours whereas the normal bake loaf will take 4 hours to cook. The maker itself has a timer which can be used to set baking time by up to 13 hrs. This function is great for if you want to go out for the day or if you want a nice freshly baked loaf when you wake up in the morning.

The maker’s control panel is straightforward and easy to use once you’ve mastered it a few times (or so I’m told) however the instruction manual is always on hand to help and guide you. You can choose the time settings from here and the loaf size (although you need to decide this before as you need to measure out the ingredients properly 1st) and the darkness of the crust. Today I chose medium darkness.

Here is the end result. I am actually really impressed with myself on a plus side my house smells of freshly baked bread – yummy.

I would highly recommend this bread maker purely for its ease of use and its great results. I would give this a rating of 4/5 overall.

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