My World Jiqsaw Puzzles

We were sent three games for the boys to play with. These were from My World. The three games are My Body, My Lotto and Heads and Tails Jobs.

Callum and Nathan both love playing with jigsaw puzzles so when we were given the My Body puzzles to play with they were very excited. The two puzzles have 36 & 50 pieces. The puzzles are pictures of the human body. I like the fact that the puzzles have facts and questions printed around them . Callum is a great reader so he liked to read the questions out. He wolud ask me if he didn’t understand what they meant. I found that once they had completed the puzzles a couple of times I could ask them were things were in the body and they would find them and show me, once we had finished playing with the puzzles i could ask Callum where his liver was and he would show me, Nathan would show me where his eyes nose mouth etc is. The puzzle pieces are quite big and chunky so easily put together and able to be spotted if lost. I love the letter box on top of the box so that the pieces are able to be posted once play is over, also great if pieces should get lost as its easier to put them away, I am extremely impressed with the puzzles and they will definitely be used for a long time by my boys.

Callum and Nathan had great fun playing with the My Lotto game, they love playing snap and pairs so found this very enjoyable. The aim of the game is pretty simple – find the cards that match your game boards. The boys split the game boards between them and took it in turns trying to find the cards that belonged on each board. The game can be over pretty quickly if they remember where each card is hiding. Each game board is well decorated. I think it is great that each board has lots of educational facts printed on the back, The facts are really interesting and even had Callum asking me more about each place once he had found all his cards

James is just starting to find his feet when it comes to playing with puzzles. When we first played with the Heads and Tails Jobs puzzles i found that he preferred to throw the pieces around the room or post them in the box’s letter box top. The second time we played with the puzzle he was able to try and get pieces that matched together. With my help we managed to complete 3 out of the 8 puzzles, he was able to easily recognise the other half of a piece i had shown him. Callum and Nathan both found the puzzles easy and fun too. We could talk about the different jobs that each person did, and spoke about people we know who do some of the jobs.

I would highly recommend all 3 puzzles to my mummy friends and give them a rating of 4/5.

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