10 Things I Love About You

1. I love how polite and considerate you all are even though you’re all still so small
2. I love the way you give me a cuddle and say its a big squeeze
3. I love the the big sloppy kisses you give me 
4. I love the way you blow a kiss to me before going to bed on a night
5. I love how you all play nicely with each other and help each other out
6. I love the way you get excited when we take you to the seaside to play on the beach
7. I love how you will all sit in front of the TV in a row watching your favourite cartoons
8. I love the fact that all three of you are not fussy eaters and will eat what we give you
9. I love the fact that you say you have the best mummy and daddy in the world
10.I love you all so much and I am very proud to be your mummy, I wouldn’t swap you for the world

I was tagged by Bubbaloves and I am tagging the following people so they can write their ’10 things I love about you’ and link it up HexmumLindylovesMummyof3diaries & Charliemonstersfunhouse

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