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Products I Am Loving This Summer

Pirate Bedding

I am loving the Sea Pirate duvet set from Room to Grow. The sets have a single duvet and matching pillowcase. The design features swashbuckling pirates sailing on shark infested seas - a must-have bedding set for any budding adventurer.


Be The Next Big Thing With The Rocket Singing Machine

The Rocket Singing Machine is a brand new all in one music experience that is sure to be a massive hit at any party. Anyone and everyone can be transformed into a superstar with the wireless singing mic as it amplifies your voice whilst playing music through built in speakers. 


Dreaming Of Updating Our Living Room

Our living room is long over due a revamp. I can't even remember the last time we decorated so it's definitely due a lick of paint wouldn't you say? and the curtains? well, they were here when we moved in so they definitely need updating. 

Along with decorating, new curtains, a carpet and light fittings I'd love to update our tired looking furniture for beautiful solid oak furniture instead. At the minute we have furniture that does the job and it looks ok but you can tell that it was mid range and what I like to call flat pack specials - there's nothing wrong with this at all - in fact, everything has served us well and lasted whilst we've had small children. The book case and TV stand have been ok for storing the kid's books and computer games but they've also chipped and marked easily and are heading towards their expiry date. I'm hoping my next purchases will be an investment and ones that I hope will add both character and style to my living room. 

Our Favourite Back To School Items

A new school year is just around the corner but don't panic if you're still to buy all those essential back to school items. My Three and Me have been busy finding those must have items and brands hopefully they will help make some of your buying choices easier.

Although we're only half way through the school holidays My Three and Me have been getting ready for their return to school in just over three weeks time. Here are some of our favourite back to school items.

Why We Are Thinking Of Getting Married In New York

You may or may not know that Matthew and I are planning our wedding. At the minute we have a date set in mind for 2019 which is pretty exciting don't you think? Although it's a little way off yet there's still so much to plan and organise. The main issue for us has been choosing where to tie the knot as there are just so many amazing places both home and abroad. We have narrowed our choices down to three places New York, Gretna Green or here in Yorkshire.

We really love the idea of eloping on our own and just surprising everyone when we get home - close friends and family included. We would combine our big "no fuss" day with a honeymoon in The Big Apple. There's just so much to see and do there and it would be a great place for our wedding photos.

We have looked at flying from different airports around the UK to see how cheap flights are. Surprisingly the flights are very reasonable. We've started to look at hotels situated near and around Central Park we think this would be a great place to have as our home for our stay. One thing we will have to make sure of is how close other attractions are, as Central Park is big (and I mean ginormous big) there are lots of other places we want to visit like Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building amongst others - I'm not sure 5 days would be enough. 

Having said that I can't wait to visit the zoo and take a horse drawn carriage ride around the park and I can't help but think how romantic it would be to have some of our wedding photos taken near the famous Gapstow Bridge that features in so many films including Home Alone 2. I'd love to get married near Christmas in New York but Matthew isn't keen on that idea - I will just have to drag him back for some Christmas shopping at a later date so I can see the Rockerfella Christmas Tree and Macy's Christmas window display and hopefully some New York snow.

I have been looking at Booking.com for suitable hotels. There's so much choice and you can narrow down your search for a hotel by the things that are most important to you. You can choose from different locations and once you have chosen your location you can see what each hotel has to offer, how far away they are from the nearest airport, local amenities, attractions and much more. You can read reviews from previous customers so you know what to expect and you will always be offered great prices. One hotel we were looking at would be £742 for the both of us for 5 nights instead of over £1090 - making New York quite affordable for us - we just need to wait until 2019 dates are available to book.

If New York isn't the place for you, you can use Booking.com to search for accommodation deals in many other places both home and aboard. My family live near Scarborough and we are planning a Uni reunion towards the end of the year - I will certainly be using Booking.com to find my place to stay for the weekend.

If you want to make a booking on Booking.com please consider using my *referral link*. If you use it we will both earn £20. 

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*T's & C's - you can only use my code once - £20 is paid once you return from your stay*


Finishing Touches For My Bedroom

Recently I wrote about my dream bedroom and some of the things I'd like it to feature. I'm really excited about our future plans but as I mentioned they are a long way off and may not even come to anything at all. However, part of the fun for me is dreaming about how the finished room will look once all the groundwork is done and dusted. Here are some of the items I will be planning on adding to my room.


Brush Time Fun With Colgate

The Minions are back in cinemas this Summer and they're as popular as ever. There's tons of Minion themed merchandise available and Colgate has teamed up with the cute loveable yellow characters to help make brushing teeth fun for little ones.

The toothbrush features:
  • A small oscillating head that cleans teeth and gently sweeps away plaque
  • Extra soft bristles to help protect gums
  • A slim handle
  • Easy On/Off Buttons
  • Brush lays flat for easy toothpaste application
  • 2 Replaceable AAA batteries


Win One of Three MOKURU Fidget Toys

MOKURU is the latest craze in Japan, they look set to be just as popular here in the UK and My Three and Me have three of these toys to give away.


What My Dream Bedroom Would Feature

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll already know we are planning a massive overhaul of our home. Over the next 10 years we want to add a garage, utility room, downstairs toilet, a small porch, conservatory and a master bedroom.


What's In Our Summer Degustabox

Another month has passed, we're almost half way through the summer holidays and another Degustabox has landed on our doorstep. Regular readers will know that we have been receiving a box full of delicious food items on a monthly basis for some time now and every month we can't wait to see what the box will contain. If you've not heard about Degustabox let me tell you a little about them. They are a monthly subscription food box service. Each month you pay £12.99 (this includes delivery) in return you will receive between 9 - 14 surprise food products, items vary each month and some of them are new products. The value of your box will always be more than what you have paid. However, if you aren't happy with the service and you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time as you are under no obligation to buy more boxes than you want too.

In This Box:


The Exciting Features of Log Cabins: What are they Made Of?

Have you ever been in a modern home that’s Sheetrock-based? Walking inside such kind of home can give you a certain feeling and realization that things are not as strong and sturdy as they are expected. Plaster and Sheetrock evoke an air of lesser strength, kind of cheap quality, non-lasting and impermanence. With just a forceful hit of a stone or hammer can create an enormous hole in the wall. Thus, that home loses its value right before you move in.

A log cabin can be a different but a more feasible option as far as strength, permanence, beauty and uniqueness are concerned says Quick Garden experts. Taking the time to have a glimpse on one of the varying log cabins can give you a full sense of reassurance and a sensation of timelessness. This is not surprising because most log cabins are thoughtfully made so you can see and feel that they can withstand even the strongest storms and violent forces. Moreover, looking at a house that’s made of log or wood also gives you the feeling of safety.


Finding Your Thing Over The Holidays

Every year during the summer months when the kids are off school up and down the country it's often debated as to whether or not they should be given homework over the extended period of time away from school, and this year it seems to be a stronger conversation than ever. It is something that myself and my school mum friends have spoken about on more than one occasion. Some of us say that the kids should have homework or shorter holidays whereas others say that the time away should be time to spend as a family and for the kids to relax and unwind after all the school work they've produced throughout the academic year. Personally, I am in the latter camp and think that children need time for themselves to unwind and develop skills that they can't be taught at school - they are children and need time to let their minds focus on the things that they love and enjoy.

I am not alone in my thinking either. Fruit Shoot believes that kids should have the freedom to find and celebrate their ‘thing’ during this time away from school. A kid’s ‘thing’ is their passion point and can be anything from dance classes to looking after an ant farm, painting and colouring to climbing trees - whatever they love doing that is their thing and should be encouraged where possible. In partnership with NHS doctor and kid’s TV presenter Dr Ranj, Fruit Shoot has created five top tips to help kids find their ‘thing’ and nurture it once they have found it.

My Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer is well and truly here although the weather is being a little temperamental and would make you think otherwise some days, I have my fingers firmly crossed that the nicer weather will be back soon. 

Everyone I know is either planning their holidays or festival trips (I'd say I'm a little jealous but not anymore Louise from 15 years ago would have been joining them in the planning though and would have her bag and tent packed already). There are some essential items that every girl needs to ensure that her summer beauty regime is complete. Here are some of the items I am loving this summer.


Ways To Get Money In An Emergency

We all know we need to have savings put aside for when the unexpected happens and you can almost guarantee that it happens at the most inconvenient time or just after you've spent all your saved up money on something like a birthday, Christmas, the school uniform shop or replacing something that has already broken - thank you vacuum cleaner and microwave for both breaking within two days of each other. 

So what happens if your pet becomes ill and requires a trip to the vets or the car breaks down and requires a lengthy stay in the garage to be fixed and pay day is still a fortnight away and you don't have any savings put aside for this rainy day, what do you do? Money worries can be the absolute worst and can put us into a terrible tizzy if we let them. Here are some of my ideas to help in the short term:


My Recommended Chick Lit Books To Read Whilst You're On Holiday

If you're looking at booking a last minute holiday there are plenty of Holiday Gems to be found and you could grab yourself a right bargain if you're not fussy or can be flexible with your departure date, destination or airport.

I love to read and never go away without my Kindle and iPad that way I can make sure I always have plenty to keep me occupied whilst travelling or relaxing. If you have a long journey ahead of you or plan to spend most of your time on the beach or by the pool then I really would recommend taking a book or two with you or like me a Kindle or tablet so that you can have plenty of books on hand and if like myself you're a quick reader you may need a few titles to keep you busy. Here are a few of the books I love and would highly recommend you read whilst on holiday. If you're a chick lit lover you will love my recommendations, if you're not then maybe give them a try, they might just surprise you.

The Driven Trilogy and Aced by K.Bromberg

I would say that Driven, Fueled and Crashed are probably my favourite books of all time and Kristy is one of my favourite authors. I have recommended these books to all of my girl friends and all who have read them loved them just as much as I have. If you're a fan of 50 Shades of Grey these are 100 million times better in my opinion (and I enjoyed 50 Shades). I was hooked from page one of Driven and fell in love with both Colton and Rylee and their story. Colton is an arrogant race car driver who oozes sex appeal and has women throwing themselves at him. No one had ever turned him down that was until he met Rylee - the night they met changed everything for the both of them. I can't tell you too much as you need to enjoy the ride for yourself but I promise you, you will not be disappointed with these books. There is also Raced which you can read once you have read the first three books as this book is some of the chapters through Colton's point of view. Kirsty is an amazing writer and she has also written four stand alone novels that feature some of the characters we meet throughout the three books. If you're a fan of Matchbox Twenty and Pink you will love the songs cleverly entwined and mentioned throughout the novels and if there are any songs you don't know I recommend Googling them and having a listen as they're some great songs that I didn't know but now love and listen to regularly. I laughed, I cried, I didn't want the books to end. I almost wish I could rediscover these books for the first time again - they're really that good.