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Tips On Saving Money When Buying School Uniform

The cost of a school uniform soon adds up for the parents of one child, let alone for those who like myself are parents to more than one. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending a fortune on uniform essentials, but luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can save a few ££ so that your purse strings aren't stretched beyond all recognition.

Buy the bare necessities from the specialist supplier
Schools will often provide you with a list of uniform requirements, and will also tell you details of the supplier that they work with that provides uniform with the school emblem stitched into it. While it may be tempting to buy everything from this supplier, it’d be better for your purse if you didn't. Only buy what you need from the supplier and top up with the basics at George at ASDA and you will save yourself a fortune.

Use hand me downs
Kids grow so fast that, often, the uniform is still in good condition after they have grown out of it. If they have younger siblings going to the same school, keep clothes clean and stored ready to be reused. Alternatively, if you have friends of school-age children who go to the same school, perhaps you could swap uniforms with them?
It would also be worth checking to see if the school offers a uniform exchange program.

Avoid overpriced gear
You may be tempted to head for the high street to buy the kids’ uniforms, but you don’t have to. In fact, if you stick to the supermarkets, you will get far more bang for your buck. George’s boys school shoes, for example, are much cheaper than high street alternatives, and they don’t shirk on quality, either.
Your child won’t care about the cost of what they’re wearing, so don’t worry about spending on the most expensive stuff. Remember, school uniform gets a lot of wear – with scuffs, scrapes and stains coming with the territory. Affordable uniform items are much less of a stress to replace.

Buy in a bigger size
If your child is in between sizes, buy the bigger size. Kids grow so quickly; if you bought the smaller size, you’d end up having to buy more uniform later in the school year, which essentially doubles your overall spend.
Of course, you won’t want your child to be swimming in their uniform, but if you can get away with buying a bigger size, do so – it’s an easy way to make uniform purchases last longer.

Be conservative
Many uniform checklists recommend you buy five of everything but, if you want to save some cash, you can be a little more conservative with what you buy. Chances are you’ll be doing laundry at least once a week anyway, and, most of the time, their uniform isn't dirty after just one wear.
Be sensible with what you spend and make a list of exactly what you need to buy – as long as you’re careful, kitting your child out with everything they need for school shouldn't cost the earth; just don’t get too carried away!

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