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Pepper's Pawtions Trial

Over the last month Pepper has been trialing Pawtions. Pawtions is "the world's first bespoke, calorie controlled diet for dogs". 

It can be both hard  and daunting when you get a new pet, sometimes you are bombarded with so many contradictory opinions and when it comes to feeding, breeders have their own opinions of foods to feed your new pet and should always provide you with some food that your pet has been feeding on, once you take your pet to the vet for the first time they will also ask you about the food your feeding and if they feel it isn't right will tell you and may sometimes want you to purchase some food from them in their puppy packs. When I first got my own dog I found it all very confusing and very conflicting. What food is best?, how much should I be feeding?, how often?, the list of questions is endless. Thankfully with Pawtions it is made simple, when you sign up you enter details specific to your dog for example their weight, age, sex and the amount of exercise that they currently undertake and any health concerns that they may have. Once Pawtion's have these details they create a personalised meal plan that is perfect for your dog. 

Since having the pups in March, Pepper has done nothing but eat - this is obviously a good thing during pregnancy and after whilst nursing her pups but once the pups stopped feeding from her we had to reduce her food back to the original amount she used to eat before. When I saw the portion size sent from Pawtions I was slightly concerned that it wouldn't be enough for Pepper but having said that I knew that Pawtions take into consideration your dogs current diet and health issues when deciding which diet is right for your dog. Not only this but I was a bit worried about changing pepper's diet as a change in food can lead to stomach upset however Pawtions have advice on their website which explains how to change the diet in a control manner and reduce the chance of causing stomach upset.

The package is delievered straight to your door so there is no need to browse online or go from shop to shop looking for the right food. So what exactly is included in the package?

  • What's in the box?
  • 56 bespoke portions of food
  • A supply of poop bags
  • A pack of tasty treats
  • Wormer tablets*
  • Flea treatment*
  • What does it cost?

                                   The price of the package depends on the size of your dog. 

A food portion, dog treats and poo bags
Each day pepper would be fed 2 portions of food, we gave her one in the morning and then one around our tea time, shes never been a greedy dog so we've always just measured out what food sh needs for a day and let her help herself, however having the two portions a day has made it easier for us as they are already measure out ready to be used.

Pepper loved the Pawtions food and treats. I'm 99.9% sure that if she could talk she would recommend them to all her four legged friends.

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