The Fearsome Beastie Book

Callum was sent the Fearsome Beastie book to review. The book is written by Giles Paley-Philips and was published May 2011. The book is written in rhyme and priced at £5.99, it can be bought from Amazon and all other good bookshops.

The book is well illustrated by Gabriele Antonini. The print is of a good size and is easy enough for a child to read and callum could read the whole story without much help. He liked that the book rhymed and laughed quite a lot of the time.

This book isn’t the best I’ve ever read but then I am 27 years old, Callum on the other hand thought it was great and has told his friends about the monster story book he received through the post, he loves reading it over and over again and even asked his new teacher if she would like to read it to the class when they go back to school in September. She has agreed and he has said he that he will take it in. Callum rates this book 3/5 as it has great pictures and is easy to read.

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