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How a Bookkeeper Makes Your Home Business More Money

Bookkeeping is a bit like the difference between maths and art in school. Some people are good at one, with others preferring the opposite, and the two rarely meet.

Among most home business owners, finding creative ways to grow is the art, and bookkeeping falls into the dreaded maths category. Of course, some people love both and derive equal pleasure from number crunching and business creation. For most of us, though, bookkeeping is a task we’d rather not have to get involved in.

Keeping accurate financial records is a legal must, but it’s also a window that shines the light on ways to increase profits, and in professional hands can give insights that mean slumps don’t turn into catastrophes.

Possible Things You May Need To Consider When Buying A Car Suitable For Drivers And Passengers With Disabilities

Choosing a new car can be a tiresome task - it's usually a big and costly purchase and one you want to make sure will last you for a few years at least so it's important to get it right. It can be an even harder task if you or your passengers are disabled as it means that you need your car to be suitable for any needs you may have. 

Great Gift Ideas For Christmas 2017

I heard yesterday that the Christmas lights are already up on Oxford Street – granted, they’ve not been switched on yet, but they’re there, and 84 days before Christmas. And if that isn’t enough to start getting you twitchy about your Christmas list, yesterday, Hamley’s announced its top then Christmas toys for 2017!

But if you have ‘little ones’ to buy for, I guess now’s the time to start thinking about it, especially if your little darlings will be asking Santa for anything off Hamley’s list.

The list includes toys for all ages and is surprisingly ‘untechie’. Most of this list wouldn’t have been out of place (prices notwithstanding!) 20 years ago.

What to Grow In a Polytunnel and Preparing for Winter

Purchasing a polytunnel is a big decision. Some may even need to get permission to erect one… but once you’ve got it all set up, it’ll keep you busy, and in vegetables, all year round.

Your poly tunnel will protect your growing crops from the elements, and enable them to grow quicker and earlier than outdoor crops, and if you’re lucky, they may even grow larger.

The tunnel absorbs the sunlight and maximises productive germination. So, depending on the location of your tunnel, during the spring the growing temperatures will be two to six weeks ahead of outdoor temperatures.

You don’t need to be Monty Don to get fantastic crops, but you do need to plan the space in your tunnel for the time of year. You need to think about what to plant and when, and when to harvest i.e. vegetables to be harvested in autumn, generally need to be planted in late August / September time. By which time you’ll be planting your overwinter vegetables. A good way to do this is to physically sketch out a plan of tunnel bed and note down what you have planted and when. And, at the same time, leave space for what you want to plant next.