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#PetrolInThePast How Times Have Changed

The village where I grew up consisted of about 50 houses, a couple of farms, a small park next to the village hall and an unused petrol station. In its heyday, the petrol station was attached to a busy garage that serviced all the local cars but as the times changed the garage was no longer used as much and it was later sold and turned into a caravan supplies shop. I don't ever remember the time when the petrol pumps were used but my dad (who always spent school holidays as a child in the village) said it was always busy.

Petrol stations have changed a lot in the last twenty years that's for sure gone are the days of petrol stations that just sell fuel, nowadays they have lots to offer their customers and when we go away or on a family day out we always find ourselves visiting at least one and it's not just to fill up the car. 

Going Back To Work After A Career Break: The Complete Guide

People take career breaks for many different reasons. You may have taken some time off from your career because you had a health problem to deal with or because you had family issues that you wanted to focus your time on. 

Perhaps you took time off to bring up a young family or care for an elderly or infirm relative. Whatever your reasons, it can be stressful when you try and return to the workplace and it can make you feel very anxious You are not used to a workplace environment, the constraints of fixed working hours and interacting with colleagues. Your family and pets are used to you being in the house for most of the day and you may have taken on the lion’s share of the household chores. Now that you are going back to work, things are going to have to change! It will take some planning to make the transition go smoothly.

Preparing yourself for returning to work

A lack of confidence is going to be your biggest enemy. You will be competing for jobs against candidates who are possibly younger than you and who are accustomed to the world of work. This can make you feel inadequate and doubt your abilities. You should not confuse your lack of confidence with a lack of ability because you have a lot to offer.

Running a household and looking after a young family or a sick relative takes a lot of skills. You will have had to prioritise your time, think on your feet and show both leadership and teamworking skills. Don’t underestimate what you are capable of. Perhaps you even held down positions of responsibility such as school governor or chairperson of the Parents Teachers Association.
It is true that your particular field may have moved on but it is nothing that you cannot sort out with a few training courses and some voluntary work or work experience. There are plenty of courses that you can choose from online and that you can study in your own time.

10 Things You Should Consider Before Investing in Underfloor Heating

People invest in underfloor heating for a whole host of reasons, including comfort, the creation of more space, and increased efficiency, just to mention a few. During a chilly day, who would want to miss the opportunity of touching a warm, cosy floor when you step out of bed?

Underfloor heating is compatible with various home designs, be it modern, traditional or retro styles. Underfloor heating is also suitable for different flooring designs, making it a viable option for a wide range of d├ęcor styles.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and investing in underfloor heating, Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies, suppliers of high-quality underfloor heating kits, takes a look at ten things you should consider before investing in underfloor heating.

Organising Some of The Smaller Wedding Details...

So, you've been planning your wedding so that your day runs perfectly. Once you've chosen the important details like your venue, dress, suits and the wedding breakfast menu. It's time to turn your attention to the finer details and these to me are the details that will make or break my big day.