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Our Favourite Back To School Items

A new school year is just around the corner but don't panic if you're still to buy all those essential back to school items. My Three and Me have been busy finding those must have items and brands hopefully they will help make some of your buying choices easier.

Although we're only half way through the school holidays My Three and Me have been getting ready for their return to school in just over three weeks time. Here are some of our favourite back to school items.

Why We Are Thinking Of Getting Married In New York

You may or may not know that Matthew and I are planning our wedding. At the minute we have a date set in mind for 2019 which is pretty exciting don't you think? Although it's a little way off yet there's still so much to plan and organise. The main issue for us has been choosing where to tie the knot as there are just so many amazing places both home and abroad. We have narrowed our choices down to three places New York, Gretna Green or here in Yorkshire.

We really love the idea of eloping on our own and just surprising everyone when we get home - close friends and family included. We would combine our big "no fuss" day with a honeymoon in The Big Apple. There's just so much to see and do there and it would be a great place for our wedding photos.

We have looked at flying from different airports around the UK to see how cheap flights are. Surprisingly the flights are very reasonable. We've started to look at hotels situated near and around Central Park we think this would be a great place to have as our home for our stay. One thing we will have to make sure of is how close other attractions are, as Central Park is big (and I mean ginormous big) there are lots of other places we want to visit like Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building amongst others - I'm not sure 5 days would be enough. 

Having said that I can't wait to visit the zoo and take a horse drawn carriage ride around the park and I can't help but think how romantic it would be to have some of our wedding photos taken near the famous Gapstow Bridge that features in so many films including Home Alone 2. I'd love to get married near Christmas in New York but Matthew isn't keen on that idea - I will just have to drag him back for some Christmas shopping at a later date so I can see the Rockerfella Christmas Tree and Macy's Christmas window display and hopefully some New York snow.

I have been looking at Booking.com for suitable hotels. There's so much choice and you can narrow down your search for a hotel by the things that are most important to you. You can choose from different locations and once you have chosen your location you can see what each hotel has to offer, how far away they are from the nearest airport, local amenities, attractions and much more. You can read reviews from previous customers so you know what to expect and you will always be offered great prices. One hotel we were looking at would be £742 for the both of us for 5 nights instead of over £1090 - making New York quite affordable for us - we just need to wait until 2019 dates are available to book.

If New York isn't the place for you, you can use Booking.com to search for accommodation deals in many other places both home and aboard. My family live near Scarborough and we are planning a Uni reunion towards the end of the year - I will certainly be using Booking.com to find my place to stay for the weekend.

If you want to make a booking on Booking.com please consider using my *referral link*. If you use it we will both earn £20. 

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Finishing Touches For My Bedroom

Recently I wrote about my dream bedroom and some of the things I'd like it to feature. I'm really excited about our future plans but as I mentioned they are a long way off and may not even come to anything at all. However, part of the fun for me is dreaming about how the finished room will look once all the groundwork is done and dusted. Here are some of the items I will be planning on adding to my room.

Brush Time Fun With Colgate

The Minions are back in cinemas this Summer and they're as popular as ever. There's tons of Minion themed merchandise available and Colgate has teamed up with the cute loveable yellow characters to help make brushing teeth fun for little ones.

The toothbrush features:
  • A small oscillating head that cleans teeth and gently sweeps away plaque
  • Extra soft bristles to help protect gums
  • A slim handle
  • Easy On/Off Buttons
  • Brush lays flat for easy toothpaste application
  • 2 Replaceable AAA batteries